Man arrested after shooting at DoorDash Driver on break

Mark L. Weems – Age 28

Springfield, Illinois – The Springfield Park District arrested a man after he was accused of shooting at a DoorDash driver who was taking a break at Bergen Park, located at 2900 E. Clear Lake Avenue.

On December 27, 2023, around 8:32 p.m., Springfield Park Police Sergeant Jason Morrison was dispatched to Bergen Park for a person with a weapon. The suspect, who was later identified as Mark L. Weems, 28 years old, was described as a tall, thin black male wearing a black ski mask and a black hooded sweatshirt with white lettering on the front. The suspect had allegedly broken the caller’s window and fled towards Casey’s gas station.

Sgt. Morrison met with the victim at Caseys, and the victim stated that he was parked in the southeast area of the golf course parking lot eating his food while taking a break from door dashing. The victim stated that an unknown black male, identified as Mark L. Weems, approached the passenger side of his vehicle and attempted to open the door while yelling for the victim to open it. The victim said he yelled back, “no.” The victim said Weems then walked to his driver’s door, attempted to open it, and then pulled a pistol from his pocket, tapping on the glass of the driver’s door and yelling for him to open it again. The victim again refused to open the door. The victim said Weems then walked to the rear of his vehicle and broke out his rear window. The victim stated that’s when he put his vehicle in reverse and backed up to get away from the area. However, the victim believes that he may have also hit Weems while backing up and that Weems had shot out his window.

According to Sgt. Morrison’s observation, he looked at the damage to the vehicle and reported that he saw a tear/hole in the middle headrest of the victim’s vehicle, although he couldn’t find any shell casings in the cargo area of the vehicle.

Officers with the Springfield Police Department also assisted with the call and located the initial scene at the park and recovered shell casings and live rounds.

Sgt. Morrison said while he was speaking with the victim, Springfield Police Officer Vaughan had located a male (Weems) matching the description at Dirksen and Linden. Weems also had on him a .22 caliber pistol in his right front pocket, which was loaded with a round in the chamber. The victim was taken to Officer Vaughan’s location for a show-up identification, and the victim identified Weems as the suspect who attempted to enter his car and shot at his back window.

Weems was then transferred to the custody of Sgt. Morrison, but was advised by Officer Vaughan that Weems made a spontaneous utterance that he was in the park and had been in an altercation. Weems was not cooperative in giving his name and would only say that it was MJ Weems and that he was a junior. Weems ultimately provided Sgt. Morrison with his full name and date of birth, and Sgt. Morrison read him his Miranda Rights. Weems agreed to speak with Sgt. Morrison and stated that he had left his house on E. Enos Ave. to go for a walk. Weems stated that he encountered the victim at the park, and the victim began yelling at him from his vehicle. The victim got out of his vehicle and began yelling and “talking shit” to him. Weems then stated the victim began grabbing at his pockets, and at that time Weems retrieved his .22 caliber pistol from his pocket and fired one round into the victim’s rear window. Weems then stated that the victim ran him over with his car and left the park. Sgt. Morrison said Weems then stopped explaining the events that occurred and began asking questions about bond, release, and how many and what charges he got.

Weems was taken to the Sangamon County Jail, where, according to Sangamon County Corrections Officers, they found a live .22 caliber round in Weems’ pocket. Weems was ultimately turned away from the jail after staff advised that Weems would need a medical evaluation due to him being struck by a vehicle. Weems was taken to St. John’s hospital for evaluation and was medically cleared and ultimately booked into the Sangamon County Jail.

Weems was charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office with Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm, a class 1 felony, and Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon, a class 4 felony. Weems was granted pre-trial release and was released from the Sangamon County Jail. A Sangamon County Judge also issued a temporary order for Weems to have no contact with the victim.

The following items were also booked into evidence:

  • Two .22 caliber spent shell casings located at Bergen Park
  • A written statement from the victim
  • Two live .22 caliber rounds located at Bergen Park
  • One live .22 caliber round located in Weems pocket
  • Rear center headrest from rear seat with tear/hole with possible .22 caliber round in headrest
  • Pistol
  • Ski Mask
  • Magazine and rounds

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