70-Year-Old Homeless Man Charged with Disarming a Springfield Officer

Darryl E. Fox – Age 70

Springfield, Illinois – On January 6, 2024 at 10:46 a.m., a Springfield Police officer informed dispatch that she had received a call about an elderly male with a camo jacket jumping out in front of cars at the Shamrock Motel, located at 928 N. Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, Illinois.

Springfield Police Officer Kyle Duval responded to the call to check on the man’s welfare. While inspecting the area around the Shamrock, he reported noticing a male walking across the roadway and stopping in multiple lanes. Officer Duval noted that it was light traffic and it appeared that the man was entering lanes occupied by vehicles and wouldn’t cross the road. The man was later identified as Darryl Fox, age 70.

Officer Duval, who had approached Fox on foot in the parking lot of Best Rest Inn at 700 N. Dirksen, engaged in a conversation with him. During their interaction, Officer Duval asked Fox about his well-being. Initially, Fox claimed he was okay, but later admitted to having no place to stay. The motel management, also present in the parking lot, requested Fox to come into the office to pay for his room.

As Fox entered the office with a handful of cash, Officer Duval opened the door to follow him. At that time, Fox turned towards Officer Duval and grabbed his taser. In response, Officer Duval recounted, “I pushed him backward with an open hand on his shoulder, and he pulled back with the Taser in both hands. I quickly turned him towards the south wall and applied pressure against him to hold him in place as I took control of his left wrist where the Taser was not controlled. He appeared to be manipulating it with his hands.” Officer Duval successfully removed the Taser from Fox’s grip and called for additional officers.

While waiting for backup, Officer Duval told Fox to place his hands behind his back. However, Fox, who was shouting, refused. As Officer Duval was placing handcuffs on Fox, he reported that Fox continued to tense up and pull away. At that time, Officer Duval said he pulled him to the ground where they ended up in the doorway of a small office. Once Fox was handcuffed, he was searched, and officers found his wallet and $585 in cash. It was also noted that Fox had an abrasion to the left side of his forehead, which Officer Duval said he wasn’t sure if it was from his head landing on the door or ground. Fox told the officer that he was trying to kill himself and that he was having issues with his medication. “He advised he took the Taser in an attempt to kill himself and did not mean any harm to anyone or myself. He stated multiple times he just wanted to die. He continued to repeat himself, advising again he took the Taser because he wanted to die.”

The manager of the Inn also provided police with $300 and advised that he wanted to return the money to Fox and was refusing him to stay out of safety concern. Fox was taken to Memorial by ambulance for a mental health evaluation. Officer Duval filled out an involuntary petition and waited at the hospital to see if Fox would be admitted. He explained Fox’s statements and actions to the Psychiatric Response Team (PRT), who evaluated Fox and then referred him to SIU. However, Officer Duval reported that SIU refused to place him.

Fox was released from the hospital and transported to the Sangamon County Jail. While en route to the jail, Officer Duval reported that Fox continued to repeat that he was going to do it again, get hit by a car and die when released.

Fox was charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office with Disarming a Police Officer, a class 1 felony. A Sangamon County Judge denied him pre-trial release and ordered him to remain in custody until the conclusion of this case and also ordered a psychological evaluation.

Fox’s next court date is January 25, 2024.

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