Both Arrested: She told officers he punched her in the right side of the face; he said they were only arguing

(Left) Kenyatta J. Appleton – Age 22 (Right) Laquan Q. Sibley – Age 24

Springfield, Illinois – Springfield Police Officers were dispatched on Christmas Eve around 4:33 a.m. to the 1600 block of Seven Pines Road for a disturbance.

Springfield Police Officers Taylor and Farris reported that once they were at the door of the apartment, they could hear arguing through the door. Officer Taylor wrote that a female opened the door and advised they were in the back. Once they were inside the residence, they could hear yelling between two people in a back room, with one stating, ‘Stop, the police are here.’ When Officer Taylor opened the bedroom door to the apartment, he noticed a male and a female pushing each other while an older female was attempting to get between the two.

The male, identified as Laquan Q. Sibley, age 24, was placed in handcuffs and reportedly continued to yell at the female, identified as Kenyatta J. Appleton, age 22.

Officers spoke with Kenyatta, who stated nothing happened, and she only wanted Laquan removed from the residence. When Kenyatta was asked about the incident in the room, she advised it was only verbal, and nothing physical happened.

Officers spoke with Kenyatta’s mother, who was in the room between Laquan and Kenyatta. She told officers that the two began arguing shortly after Kenyatta let Laquan into the residence. The fight started verbally, but then they began pushing each other and hitting each other with closed fists. She said she began to step in between the two when they became physical, and that’s when the police arrived.

Kenyatta was then placed in handcuffs and escorted out of the residence. Once outside, she told officers that Laquan punched her in the right side of her face, and her cheek is now swollen. When Kenyatta was asked to have a picture taken of her injuries, she refused.

Laquan was read his Miranda Rights and told officers that he did not hit her; they were only arguing.

According to officers, this is the second domestic violence case between Kenyatta and Laquan. They have one child in common and have been separated for 3 months but were in a dating relationship for approximately 3 years before they broke up.

Both were taken to the Sangamon County Jail and released without charges.

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