Springfield Stand-Off Suspect, Who Aimed B.B. Gun at Officer, Freed on the Same Day

(Left) Deangelo V. Allgood – Age 24 (Right) Springfield Police in the 200 block of N. Douglas

Springfield, Illinois – On Sunday, November 5, 2023, at around 12:26 a.m., Springfield Police Officer Jared Spaid responded to 224 1/2 N. Douglas for a report of a domestic battery. While attempting to speak with the suspect, Officer Spaid reported that the suspect pointed what appeared to be a real Glock handgun from inside the residence at him and at the father of his girlfriend. The suspect was arrested after a short stand-off, booked into the Sangamon County Jail, and later released on the same day.

Springfield Officer Spaid reported that when he arrived on scene he met with the caller’s father. They walked up to the residence and met with the victim at the front door of the residence. The victim told Officer Spaid that she was at the residence attempting to get her glasses out of the residence and that she was leaving due to getting into a physical altercation with her boyfriend, who was identified as Deangelo V. Allgood, age 24.

The woman said that during the altercation Allgood had kicked her in the butt while arguing.

Officer Spaid reported that while at the front door, trying to make contact with Allgood, the woman’s father was yelling at Allgood, expressing his anger that Allgood had battered his daughter. Officer Spaid reported that he could hear a voice from inside the residence saying something along the lines of, “I’m going to rain hellfire if I come out there.”

Officer Spaid then witnessed Allgood open the blind on the west side of the house, just south of the front door. When Allgood opened the blind, he tapped a black pistol against the glass of the window. Allgood pointed the pistol directly at Officer Spaid while peering out of the window with his face against the glass. Officer Spaid stated that he believed it was a real Glock handgun that Allgood was aiming at them.

Officer Spaid wrote in his report that he and the woman’s father “were immediately in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery from the handgun pointed at them.”

Springfield Police Officers were able to reach Allgood by phone and ordered him to come out of the residence after a large presence of police officers surrounded the house and repeatedly ordered him to exit the residence unarmed. Allgood told officers on the phone that he pointed a gun out the window but didn’t know police were outside. Allgood told officers it was a BB gun.

Springfield Police Officers obtained a search warrant for the house and found “a realistic looking Glock brand BB Gun” inside the house on the floor of the living room. Officer Spaid reported that the BB gun looked like the gun that was pointed towards him and the woman’s father.

Allgood was taken to the Sangamon County Jail, where Springfield Police officers recommended that he be charged with Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer, a Class 4 felony, and Aggravated Assault by Using a Deadly Weapon/Air Rifle, a Class A misdemeanor. According to jail officials, Allgood was released from custody later on the same day. As of 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 6, 2023, Allgood had not been criminally charged.

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