Chatham Man Arrested and Charged After Beating His Wife

Benjamin Russell Felber – Age 42

Chatham, Illinois – A Chatham man was arrested and charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office after he was arrested by Chatham Police for Aggravated Domestic Battery. The man’s wife told police her husband “had been beating the shit out of her.”

On November 3, 2023, Officer Brachear, during field training with Officer Munch, responded to a dispatch regarding a fight at 1 Southgate. Upon arrival, they found the victim sitting on the steps outside a trailer with visible injuries, including bruising, swelling, and open lacerations on her face, as well as bruising on her neck.

When questioned, the victim told police that her husband, Benjamin F. Felber, aged 42, “had been beating the shit out of her.” Officer Brachear entered the residence to locate Benjamin, who came from the hallway holding a THC vape pen. Benjamin was handcuffed, and Officer Brachear reported noticing red marks on Benjamin’s knuckles. When questioned about the marks, Benjamin claimed they occurred from his work as a lawn maintenance employee. Officer Brachear then read Benjamin his Miranda rights and asked him about the incident. Benjamin told Officer Brachear that there was some verbal arguments that stemmed from his wife’s use of aerosol cans for “whip-its.”

Officer Harris spoke with the victim and took her statement. The victim stated that her husband, Benjamin, had beaten her over a duster can and that he had been beating her almost every day for the past month. Just before she called 911, Benjamin repeatedly hit her in the face. She stated that Benjamin had placed his hands around her neck and choked her until she passed out two days prior. Officer Harris noted that the victim had noticeable bruises and marks all around her face, neck, and a fresh bruise just under her left eye.

Benjamin was taken to the Sangamon County Jail and charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office with Aggravated Domestic Battery, a class 2 felony, and Domestic Battery, a class 4 felony. He was granted pre-trial release and is expected to return to court on November 30, 2023.

Back in August, records show that Benjamin was arrested by Chatham Police for Domestic Battery. He pleaded guilty and received a one-year probation sentence.

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